A spectacular, ultra-reliable lighting system that’s user-friendly & easy to install.

The Blue Square Vivid & Spectrum nicheless pool & spa lights incorporate the latest generation LED technology and thermal management system to ensure maximum light output and reliability. In addition, these lights are extremely energy efficient and long-lasting. The entire system is extra-low-voltage ensuring safety at all times. Its contemporary design and ease of installation make it the perfect choice for new pool construction or remodeling older pools.

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  • Awarded one of the Top 50 Products of 2022 and designed for a wide range of applications
  • In most cases, new lighting can be installed using the existing cord with our patented, UL-approved plug
  • The latest LED technology and thermal management systems have been incorporated to provide vibrant RGBW performance with maximum energy efficiency
  • Perfect for 1.5” niche/wall fittings and bubblers
  • Low voltage LED replacements for industry standard niches including Jandy®, Hayward® and Pentair®

Spectrum Nicheless Measurement


Available colors:

Brilliant Blue


Warm White

Amber (Turtle-Friendly)

RGBW Multi-color (Jandy®, Hayward® and Pentair®)



*Appearance of color and white LED light may vary between various models of lights. Appearance and perception of pool lighting may vary depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the particular model of light, the location/depth/angle of the light’s installation, pool finish/material, pool depth/shape/geometry, ambient light sources, subjective factors and more. For best results when using multiple lights, use all the same model and do not mix multiple models of lights within a single installation.

Pool with two Spectrum 360 Nicheless Lights and one in the spa

a pool with two spectrum nicheless lights and one in the spa

Choose from multiple lighting combinations.

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