Pool cleaning systems are essential for both homeowners and pool building companies. For homeowners, a clean pool ensures a healthy and enjoyable swimming experience. Regular pool maintenance prevents the buildup of harmful bacteria, algae, and other contaminants that can cause health problems. It also extends the life of pool equipment, reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements.

For pool building companies, offering efficient and effective cleaning systems is crucial for attracting and retaining customers. It demonstrates a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, while also ensuring that the pool remains in good condition and meets industry standards. Overall, pool cleaning systems are vital for ensuring a safe, healthy, and enjoyable swimming experience.

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In-Floor Pool Cleaning Systems

Innovative In-Floor Pool Cleaning

To keep your pool water clean, clear, and healthy, it’s crucial to have an efficient cleaning and circulation system in place. By choosing an in-floor pool cleaner from Blue Square, you can achieve these benefits effortlessly. The Blue Square system evenly distributes sanitized water, preventing any cold pockets and reducing heat loss. It also helps ensure that chemicals are evenly dispersed throughout your pool. With the in-floor cleaner doing the work for you, you’ll save time and money while enjoying your pool to the fullest.

Q360 circulation

How It Works

In-floor pool cleaners use a unique cleaning head design to clean your pool efficiently. The cleaning heads pop up from the pool floor and use powerful sprays of water to direct dirt and debris to the drain without any effort from you. They utilize water from the main pump and pull water from the top using the power of the venturi effect, which creates a far more powerful cleaning spray. This combination of two water sources creates a stronger jet of water, amplifying your pool’s cleaning power.

During each cleaning cycle, a group of heads rise slightly from the pool floor to project a powerful stream of water that propels debris towards the debris drain. Larger debris such as leaves, twigs and bugs are filtered through a deck-mounted debris canister before recirculating back through the pool’s circulation system.

Benefits of Blue Square In-Floor Cleaning

Blue Square’s in-floor pool cleaning systems offer several benefits such as improved cleaning efficiency, reduced maintenance requirements, and lower chemical costs. They also provide better circulation and distribution of chemicals throughout the pool, resulting in a healthier and more hygienic swimming environment. In addition, these systems can help increase the lifespan of pool equipment and reduce energy costs.

Improved Water Circulation & Heating

In-floor pool cleaning systems can enhance water circulation and heating by using strategically placed cleaning nozzles to direct water flow, creating a gentle stirring motion. This increases the water’s exposure to the sun, making it easier to heat, and also helps distribute chemicals evenly, resulting in a cleaner, healthier swimming experience.

Reduced Chemical Costs

Minimize the need for pool chemicals by ensuring consistent and even distribution of chemicals throughout the pool. This can reduce the likelihood of algae and bacteria growth, meaning less chlorine or other chemicals are needed to maintain a healthy pool environment.

Save Money and Energy

Jets are strategically placed to circulate water and debris toward the drain, reducing the need for manual cleaning and energy-consuming pool pumps. The system also improves water circulation and chemical distribution, resulting in lower energy costs and a cleaner pool.

Custom Sleek Design

Each system is custom designed by Blue Square experts to maximize cleaning and circulation. Submit your pool plans and, at no cost to you, a trained Blue Square technician will provide you with a custom in-floor blueprint.

Limited Maintenance Needs

Help extend the life of pool equipment by reducing the workload on pool pumps, filters, and heaters. By effectively removing debris from the pool, the system also reduces the need for regular maintenance and cleaning, leading to a longer lifespan for equipment and fewer costly repairs.

More Fun, Less Work

In-floor pool cleaning systems are a game-changer for pool owners. Gone are the days of scrubbing and vacuuming the pool manually. The pop-up cleaning heads automatically clean your pool as you swim. So, you can spend more time enjoying your pool with family and friends and less time worrying about maintenance.

Q360+ Performance Jet

eclipse pool drain


Fiberglass & Vinyl Pool Circulation and Cleaning

V360 – Advanced Circulation and Cleaning System

The V360 Advanced Circulation and Cleaning System is a comprehensive solution for maintaining your fiberglass or vinyl pool, cleaning every nook and cranny from the surface to the bottom. Created specifically by the skilled team at Blue Square Manufacturing, this system guarantees that every part of your pool will receive filtered and disinfected water during the filter run cycle, thanks to the powerful Advanced Performance Jets.

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Replacement Parts for In-Floor Pool Cleaners

Replace Outdated In-Floor Jets with R360

Replacing outdated in-floor pool cleaning jets can greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of pool cleaning. Newer models have better flow rates and directional control, resulting in a cleaner pool with less debris buildup. Upgrading to newer jets can also reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs in the long run.

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VGB Certified Pool Drains

The Eclipse Drain

  • The patented Eclipse™ Drain virtually disappears into the surface of your pool. The revolutionary circular channel provides maximum flow and efficiently removes debris.

Full Circle Drain

  • The unique circle design is filled with plaster/pebble to blend into the pool finish and can be installed in concrete pools and spas. A disposable plaster shield prevents debris from entering sump and retains shape during pool finish.

Channel Drain (Vinyl Pools)

  • Uniquely engineered concave/convex design allows for superior debris catching while exceeding UL articulate probe finger and knuckle ASME A112 2008 tests.
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Eclipse Drain

Full Circle Drain

channel drain