Swimming pool main drains have looked and functioned the same way for decades. Finally there is a new solution that is changing the way new swimming pools are made. Eclipse™ Main Drain by Blue Square Manufacturing brings together sleek style and new functionality to redefine the swimming pool drain for the future. Unlike normal pool drains that look like small circular grates on the pool floor, the patented Eclipse™ Drain doesn’t feature a drain grate at all. Rather it looks more like a sleek circular channel and virtually disappears into the surface of your pool floor. Simply put, the Eclipse drain just looks better.  

Perhaps more important than its sleek invisible look, Eclipse Main Drain has another valuable benefit.  Unlike traditional main drains that trap leaves on top of the drain grate, Eclipse allows large debris to exit the pool.  Here’s how it works: as larger debris (like leaves) approaches the Eclipse drain, it enters into the circular-channel drain.  There, the debris is directed into a basket located outside of the pool.  With this debris-removal technology available, why would you build a pool any other way? 

Blue Square is revolutionizing the way the swimming pool industry looks at main drains and debris removal systems.  In addition, when you install Eclipse in conjunction with the BlueSquare Abyss™ Canister you can further maximize performance! More on this later.

To learn more about Eclipse Main Drain go to www.bluesquaremfg.com/eclipse-swimming-pool-drain/