A well-lit pool not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to a safer and more enjoyable swimming experience. One common misconception among pool owners is the belief that changing pool lights requires draining the water.

Contrary to popular belief, it is indeed possible to change a pool light without draining the water, and Blue Square Manufacturing leads the way with cutting-edge solutions designed to simplify this process. Draining water is not only time-consuming but also comes with additional costs, making the alternative methods provided by Blue Square Manufacturing an attractive choice for pool owners.

In this article, we’ll explore the possibilities of changing pool lights without draining, focusing on the innovative solutions offered by Blue Square Manufacturing, with a special emphasis on their pool light products, including Vivid.

Benefits of Changing Pool Lights Without Draining

  • Cost-effectiveness: Draining a pool involves additional expenses for water replacement and maintenance. Blue Square Manufacturing’s solutions eliminate these costs, offering a budget-friendly alternative.
  • Time-saving: Traditional methods of changing pool lights by draining can take days. With Blue Square Manufacturing’s products, the process is streamlined, saving valuable time for pool owners.
  • Environmental Impact: Conserving water is an essential aspect of responsible pool ownership. By avoiding unnecessary water drainage, pool owners contribute to environmental sustainability.

Step-by-Step Guide for Changing Pool Lights Without Draining:

Changing pool lights without draining water requires careful consideration and the right tools. Blue Square recommends that only pool service professionals install Blue Square lights. Blue Square Manufacturing provides a straightforward process using their innovative products:

Tools and Equipment:

  1. Blue Square Manufacturing’s Vivid pool light kit
  2. Insulated gloves
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Gasket lubricant

Safety Precautions:

  1. Ensure the pool light circuit is turned off.
  2. Wear insulated gloves to minimize the risk of electrical shocks.
  3. Disconnect the pool light power source.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Access the Pool Light Fixture:
    – Remove the pool light cover carefully using a screwdriver.
    – Disconnect the existing pool light fixture from the power source.
  2. Remove the Old Bulb:
    – Gently unscrew and remove the old pool light bulb.
    – Dispose of the old bulb properly, following local regulations.
  3. Prepare the Vivid Pool Light:
    – Open the Blue Square Manufacturing’s Vivid pool light kit.
    – Assemble the Plug kit (Watch this tutorial: https://youtu.be/uLVDtC9FU68)
    – Insert the Vivid plug kit.
  4. Install the Vivid Pool Light:
    – Carefully place the Vivid pool light into the existing fixture.
    – Ensure a secure fit and proper alignment.
  5. Secure the Gasket:
    – Apply gasket lubricant to the gasket provided in the kit.
    – Place the gasket securely around the pool light fixture to prevent water seepage.
  6. Reconnect the Power Source:
    – Carefully reconnect the pool light to the power source.
    – Double-check all connections to ensure safety.
  7. Close and Seal:
    – Securely close the pool light cover using the screwdriver.
    – Ensure the cover is sealed tightly to prevent water ingress.

Products and Solutions Offered by Blue Square Manufacturing

Blue Square Manufacturing’s pool light products, including the Vivid pool light kit, are designed with user convenience in mind. These products feature advanced technology, ensuring durability and efficiency in pool lighting. The Vivid pool light, in particular, stands out for its easy installation process, making it an ideal choice for pool owners looking to enhance their pool experience without the need for water drainage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is it safe to change pool lights without draining the water?
A1: Yes, with the right tools and precautions. Blue Square Manufacturing’s products are designed for safe and efficient pool light replacement.

Q2: How long does it take to change a pool light using Blue Square Manufacturing’s Vivid pool light kit?
A2: The process is significantly faster compared to draining the pool, typically taking a few hours.


In conclusion, changing your pool light without draining the water is not only possible but also cost-effective and time-saving. Blue Square Manufacturing’s innovative solutions, particularly the Vivid pool light kit, provide pool owners with a reliable and efficient alternative. By following the step-by-step guide and considering the benefits, pool owners can enjoy a well-lit pool without the unnecessary hassle of draining water. Make the smart choice for your pool lighting needs with Blue Square Manufacturing.