When selecting the best pool light, pool builders have many questions to consider.  Which leading pool light looks the best and offers an array of color options at a good value for customers?  Which leading pool light uses the latest, most dependable proven technology with a strong warranty for customers? Though there are a few pool light options that do all of this most pool lights stop there.  

What if there was a leading pool light designed to meet every important consumer need and was also designed to meet the needs of pool builders? This is now a reality thanks to Spectrum 360 LED Swimming Pool Lights.  Here are the top 5 reasons leading pool builders choose Spectrum 360:

Spectrum 360 Reduces Installation Costs

Low voltage cable can be run in the conduit by the pool plumber. This eliminates a trip charge from the electrician, reducing installation costs. 

Spectrum 360 Solves Construction Issues

Spectrum 360’s 3 Dimension Adjustable Plaster Ring allows for easy correction of the angle of a sagging or tilted niche. A niche set too deep or too shallow is easily corrected in moments without the need of a jackhammer, extra material or ending up with a protruding or sunken light fitting. In the end, this achieves a more attractive finished look to the pool light with much less risk of extra cost to cover mistakes.

Spectrum 360 Does Not Require Bonding

The Spectrum 360 lamp and niche have no metal, therefore no bonding wire is necessary from the niche to the equipment. This saves pool builders time and money.

Patented Easy Disconnect Fitting

Spectrum 360’s Easy Disconnect Fitting means that plaster crews or startup personnel can install the lamp in moments, saving time and money.

Quick Lamp Replacement

Replacing or upgrading the Spectrum 360 lamp to the multi-color option only takes a few minutes with no need to change cord. Once again, saving time and money.

If you’re a pool builder, Spectrum 360 is engineered for you.  Check it out at www.bluesquaremfg.com/spectrum-360-swimming-pool-lighting/