Having an inground pool is a feature that can add satisfaction and value to your home. However, when the lights for your pool are less than ideal, it can turn your pool into something less than it could be. Thankfully, upgrading your inground pool lights is a relatively easy fix, and making this change can effectively enhance your pool in a variety of ways. In fact, this is one way to make an impact on the overall appeal of your pool and get the most out of your inground pool investment. Read on to learn more:

Why Upgrade Old Pool Lights

The first step of the upgrading process is to consider why you might want to upgrade old pool lights in the first place. Well, there are many reasons. However, perhaps the most applicable are listed below:

  • Give you more light. Modern pool lights, like Vivid 360, will give you more light in your pool area. This can be a valuable change if you have young children you are trying to keep an eye on when swimming. This light is bright and pure and is the highest-output bulb available.
  • Energy efficiency. Another benefit of a light upgrade is an improvement in energy efficiency. You obviously want to make your pool as energy efficient as possible throughout all its functions, and one easy change to make is the lights. The technology upgrade can produce an energy cost decrease of 80% or more.
  • Color changing. You can really change the overall appeal of your pool by upgrading lights and opting for color-changing options. You can then theme your pool to an event you are hosting, simply change the colors because you want to, or just have fun with it!
  • Angled beam. Another reason to consider upgrading your existing pool lights is the now available angled beams which give you many more options for utilizing your pool lights. This also means that you can view larger areas thanks to the wide-angle LEDs.

Replacing Old Pool Light Fixtures

Now that we have considered why you might want to replace your existing lights, it’s time to consider the difference between the traditional variety you likely have in your pool and the Vivid360 brand. For starters, it’s a simplified installation process for these new lights. This is because the Vivid 360 lights feature a quick-connect plug-in kit that in most cases allows you to install the new light bulbs into the existing light cable. This, of course, eliminates the need to pull new cables and effectively simplifies the entire upgrade process. There are also all the reasons listed above that new lights will be superior to the standard traditional pool lights you likely already have.

Benefits of Vivid 360

If you still aren’t sure upgrading to new Vivid 360 pool lights will be worth the effort, consider the following additional benefits of this system:

  • Replaces Different Lights: While we have focused on pool lights, the Vivid 360 also can replace spa lighting as well. These lights are designed to replace and upgrade existing spa and pool light bulbs to deliver more colorful and vivid lighting. In addition, they can even replace nicheless and fiber optic lights thanks to their adjustable tab system.
  • Time-Test Technology and Proven Reliability: The Vivid 360 replacement bulbs feature a technologically advanced wide-angle, microprocessor with high-output LED chips. This means they will consistently produce vivid lights with bright performance. There is even a toggle switch that allows you to switch color settings.
  • Replacement Bulbs: Last but not least, the bulbs themselves are reason enough to consider Vivid 360 for your inground pool light upgrade. There are 12-volt and 120-volt options with three color choices. Blue Square also offers 60W and 30W lights for both commercial and residential pool bulb needs.

Vivid 360 replacement lights from Blue Square Manufacturing present a great way to upgrade the overall appeal of your inground pool or spa. Consider all the information above and contact Blue Square for more information on getting started on your pool light fixture replacement today.