Pool lights are one of the most noticeable upgrades that can be made to swimming pools, and color-changing pool lights are especially fun. If you or your business has a pool, here’s a guide to pool lights’ cost, life span and features.

An Affordable Pool Upgrade

Pool lights are one of the more affordable upgrades you can make, and their affordability includes both initial and ongoing costs. Owning a pool should be fun and not too much work.

The following factors make sure you don’t have to be working too much to pay for the upgrade:

  • Initial Cost: Pool lights are highly affordable, because they’re essentially LED lights with watertight encasements. You can find almost any style and color you want at an affordable price.
  • Installation Cost: Even though Blue Square does not recommend homeowners install new pool lights, but with our Vivid line of lights, installation is much easier due to the patented plug kits and should be done by a pool tech.
  • Energy Efficient: LED bulbs use less voltage, so less electricity, so there will be no increase to your electrical bill.

Long-Lasting Light Systems and Bulbs

At Blue Square Manufacturing, we understand that pool owners want to use their pools rather than service them constantly. That’s why our systems are built with longevity in mind. Our pool lights are both reliable and long-lasting:

  • Reliability: The lighting systems themselves are built from high-grade materials and to high-quality standards. The light systems will last many years — probably as long as you own the pool.
  • Longevity: The bulbs are all LEDs, which means they last much longer than standard bulbs. You’ll likely never have to replace the bulbs, since they can go well over 20,000 hours, and our lights have a 3 year warranty.

Customized Light Features for Your Pool

No matter what your pool design or personal style is, the perfect pool lights are readily available.

All of the colors are vibrant, so they’re noticeable during the day and provide excellent illumination at night. They also can set the mood for your entire pool deck area, whether that’s a romantic mood with pink lights, a relaxing mood with cool blue lights, or a party atmosphere with changing rainbow lights.

You can get lights in any color of the rainbow, and the same LED bulbs can change almost any color you’d want. Choose a solid color, or have them change according to a pattern.

To match today’s pools, color-changing lights are available in a variety of contemporary designs. There are multiple options to match the design of your pool, and the aesthetic of your pool area.

Use Color-Changing Pool Lights

If you’re ready to upgrade the pools you create with color-changing lights, check out the different pool lighting options that we have at Blue Square Manufacturing. Mix and match options until you find the perfect design for your customers’ pools.