Vivid 360 Pool & Spa LED Replacement Lights

Better LED Replacement Lights For Pools, Spas & Nicheless Fittings

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Swimming Pool with Vivid 360 Pool Replacement Lights

Available for Pools, Spas & Nicheless/Fiber Optic Fittings

The Vivid 360 Replacement LED is engineered to replace most existing pool and spa lights to deliver more colorful and vivid lighting than ever before. Whether you need to replace a broken light or you just want to upgrade to a more colorful brighter LED light, Vivid 360 is the preferred choice of pool owners and industry experts alike.

Compatible with Jandy, Hayword, and Pentair.

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Vivd 360 LED Light Colors

Choose Solid or Multi-Colored Options

  • More brilliant than “typical” incandescent pool lights

  • Available in solid white, solid blue, and multi-color

  • Safer, more energy efficient low-voltage LED solution

The Most Reliable Service Friendly Pool & Spa Replacement LED

  • Our famous quick-connect fitting allows you to change the lights in about 5 minutes after initial installation

  • Called “the most reliable replacement LED on the market”

  • Averaging only 1 warranty per 1000 installations

  • In many cases there is no need to pull new cable, you may never have to pull another light cable again

  • Public and semi-public pool compatible

Vivid 360 Pool Replacement LED Plug Kits for Spas Pools and Nicheless

You May Never Pull a Cable Again

You may never have to pull another light cable again because in most cases you can use existing cable and attach our patented quick disconnect fitting. These lights are approved for public and semi-public swimming pool application. 

  • The gauge of the Vivid 360 Spa and Nicheless is 16 gauge while the Vivid 360 Pool is 14 gauge

  • 12-14 volt transformer required for all of our low-voltage lighting

  • Cables available in preassembled lengths of 50ft, 100ft, and 150ft

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Wider and Brighter Lighting Coverage

The Vivid 360 Nicheless Replacement LED replaces most leading nichless pool and spa lights as well as any fiber optic light with a 1.5” fitting . Best of all, Vivid 360 delivers a solution that is brighter and more dependable than ever before. Leading pool professionals nation wide have called Vivid 360 Nichless “a complete complete solution for nicheless lighting.”

Addressing Environmental Concerns

Spectrum 360 LED lights are available in either fixed color or multi-color options. 

  •  Dark Sky initiative an available model of Vivid 360 can help to reduce light pollution and protect the night skies for present and future generations. 

  • Turtle lights Coming Soon- Turtle friendly lighting developed to protect sea turtles in their natural coastal habitats from the adverse effects of artificial lighting. 


Vivid 360 Specifications for Pool Replacement Lights

Our anti-glare lenses ensure increased beam spread and diffused illumination in the pool interior. The all-plastic construction of the light negates the need for bonding/grounding and ensures safety to pool users. Explore the specifications for the Vivid Pool lights below.

Contact us for specifications for spa and nicheless replacements lights and click here to download the full Vivid 360 brochure.