Owning a swimming pool doesn't have to be a chore.  In fact, there are new technologies that make owning a pool easier and less time consuming than ever.  We've compiled a list of the top 5 questions to ask your pool builder about automatic pool cleaners to make sure your pool stays as maintenance-free as possible. 

1. Which cleaners will reduce pool maintenance time the most?

There are two types of pool cleaners: robotic pool cleaners and in-floor pool cleaners.  We recommend an in-floor pool cleaner. They look and clean better. Plus, they will last longer, are easier to maintain, and less expensive.  

2.  Do all pool cleaners clean the pool steps and benches?

Believe it or not, the answer is no.  In fact MOST pool cleaners are NOT designed to clean steps and benches.  Why buy a pool cleaner that is designed to clean only a portion of your pool?

In-floor pool cleaners can be engineered to sweep the entire pool, including pool steps, benches and even a spa.  No robotic cleaner can do all of this.

3. Can pool cleansers help reduce chemical and energy costs?

The short answer is yes.  In-floor cleaning systems are not only pool cleaners, but they are also engineered to improve pool circulation.  This means that they circulate pool chemicals and heated pool water more efficiently than a standard pool. 

Independent studies have shown that in-floor cleaning systems can reduce chemical and energy costs by as much as 30%.  Robotic cleaners offer very little circulation benefits. So if you want to save chemicals and energy, make sure you ask your pool builder to tell you about their in-floor system. 

4.  Which pool cleaners are the easiest to maintain?

The easiest pool cleaners to maintain are in-floor cleaners. First of all, many robotic cleaners wear out in just a few years.  In floor cleaning systems will last for years and years with little to no issues.

The water valve offered by Blue Square is easiest to maintain.   Other in-floor cleaners have pistons and/or screens that need to be cleaned in order to keep it running.  Plus, if you add an Abyss Canister, you'll get the most debris capacity on the market so you won't have to clean your pool cleaner as often.

5. Which pool cleaners don’t have ugly hoses that hurt the beauty of a pool?

One of the biggest benefits of an in-floor pool cleaner is the way it looks.  Unlike the roaming robotic pool cleaners, an in-floor cleaner is built right into the pool floor. 

Cleaning jets pop up out of the floor, clean the pool, then retract back into the floor and virtually disappear.  Robotic cleaners have large hoses that just sit in your pool unless you take the time to remove it.

For more information about in-floor pool cleaners, check out our Q360 In-Floor Cleaning System.