For years, one of the world's best-selling in-floor pool cleaners was Caretaker 99® by Caretaker Systems, Inc. Around 2002 Caretaker Systems sold it's world famous Caretaker 99 brand.

Though the Caretaker brand isn't what it used to be, there are still millions and millions of pop-up jets in swimming pool floors all around the globe.  If you have a pool with one of these in-floor systems, this article is for you.

There is a good chance your Caretaker 99 in-floor cleaning jets are aging and possibly needing to be replaced.  Lucky for you, there is a new breakthrough product called R360 by Blue Square Manufacturing.

The Modern Cleaning System

Studies show that R360 delivers a more effective, more efficient cleaning range than ever before.  In fact, some hydraulic studies indicate that these new jets will perform even better than the original -- brand new -- Caretaker pop up jets.  In other words, if you've been considering updating your in-floor jets, now is the perfect time to do it. 

Replacing your Caretaker 99 in-floor cleaning jets with R360 cleaning jets is simple.  Most of the time, you can do it without even getting wet.  All you need is to attach an in-floor jet replacement tool, available through Blue Square Manufacturing, to your telescoping pool pole. 

(1) Insert the tool into the two slots visible on the Caretaker 99 in-floor jets. 

(2) While pushing down, unlock the jet by turning it one quarter turn (counterclockwise). 

(3) Remove the jet from the pool and attach a new R360 cleaning jet to the end of the tool.

(4) Lower the jet into place and lock it with a quarter turn (clockwise).

The R360 spring-loaded ratcheting mechanism is similar to the original Caretaker 99, however the similarities stop there. The hydraulically superior nozzle on the R360 jet will propel water stronger and further and wider than the original Caretaker 99 nozzle, improving cleaning in several directions.

In addition to improved cleaning, the R360 can be purchased at only a fraction of the cost of a Caretaker 99 replacement. Talk about an efficient replacement part. 

Follow this link for more information on R360.