The following is a continuation of an earlier article comparing robotic pool cleaners with in-floor pool cleaners.  Both are effective solutions pool builders suggest to reduce pool maintenance time and cost.  Consider which benefits appeal most to you.

Which Cleaner Circulates Your Pool Better?

In-Floor Cleaners have a clear advantage when it comes to pool circulation. They are designed to be circulation systems in addition to automatic pool cleaners. 

In fact, independent studies have shown that pools with in-floor cleaners circulate a pool so well that they can save up to 30% on chemical costs and if you heat your pool, they can save up to 30% on heating costs.

Which Cleaner Looks Better?

This is a toss up - with one exception.  Robotic cleaners need to be removed from the pool before the pool looks completely clean.  Otherwise the pool has a large hose and cleaner in it at all times.

If you don’t mind taking the time to manually remove the robotic cleaner every day when it’s done, then the cleaners have a similar appearance.  Otherwise, go for the in-floor cleaner since it’s virtually invisible whether it’s on or off.

Which Cleaner Cleans Steps & Benches Better?

Hands down, it’s the in-floor cleaner.  Most robotic cleaners don’t even try to clean steps and benches at all.

Which Cleaner Lasts Longer?

Generally in-floor cleaners last longer than robotic cleaners.  This is because most robotic cleaners have to be professionally repaired or replaced every few years.  In-floor cleaners wear out much slower and often have extended warranties that keep the cost even lower.

For more information about an in-floor pool cleaner, check out the Q360 In-Floor Cleaning System page.