The design of a normal pool drain hasn’t changed in decades.  A typical pool drain has the appearance of a plate of plastic with holes. These holes allow water to flow out of the pool and back to the pool filter.  This works fine until larger debris (like leaves or acorns) fall into the pool.

The debris eventually gets trapped on the drain where it starts to pile up. This is why the drain of a swimming pool frequently looks so ugly.  Often a pool can look completely clean, except for the drain, which has a pile of rubbish trapped to it. 

Now, thanks to the new Eclipse™ Main Drain by Blue Square Manufacturing, all of this has changed. Eclipse is a completely new approach to the swimming pool main drain. Eclipse is NOT a typical plastic plate with holes in it. 

Rather it looks like a thin, circular channel that’s cut into the pool floor.  This channel allows large debris to enter the drain where it is removed from the pool and collected in a basket near the pool equipment.

With Eclipse, there are no more large piles of debris trapped on the drain. All of the “ugly” is removed.  In fact, you barely see the drain at all.  It’s virtually invisible.  Some call Eclipse the world’s most beautiful pool drain.  We call it a necessity.

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