There are so many captivating features to consider when building a new swimming pool. Built-in automatic in-floor pool cleaners, beautiful waterfalls and fountains, luxurious hydrotherapy spas, the list goes on and on. 

But there is one feature that sometimes seems so mundane that it's often under appreciated and under valued. Yes, we're talking about your pool light. 

Though it may seem uninteresting, the right pool light actually enhances a vital part of the pool: beauty. Let's face it, in addition to family fun and cooling off, having a beautiful, inviting pool is important - and that doesn't change once the sun goes down. That's why Spectrum 360™ by Blue Square Manufacturing can add so much value to your swimming pool.

The Spectrum 360 Stands Above the Rest

The Spectrum 360 isn't your grandfather’s typical pool light. It provides a wide array of different colors (or color combinations) that can add a whole new look to a swimming pool. 

Imagine sitting by your pool at night with a typical pool light -- then compare that to all of the colors and options available through Spectrum 360. The difference is … well … illuminating.  Talk about getting more value for little to no more investment.

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