Maximizing energy efficiency has been a trending focus of business strategy for years. Products that run more efficiently stand a chance to make big gains as this trend grows. 

New standards coming in the pool industry make energy efficiency a new topic again. This is due to recent changes in some of the traditional metrics of performance.  One of those metrics is gallons/kw (or gallons of water circulated per kilowatt hour). As this new standard begins to take hold, pool builders need to reconsider things… a LOT of things.

In-Floor Cleaning Systems

One product category that needs to be on that list of new considerations is in-floor cleaning systems. Traditionally, in-floor cleaning systems have NOT performed well in the category of gallons/KW.

In-floor systems typically need water pressure to work well -- and water pressure is created by restricting gallons/KW. Think of putting your thumb on the nozzle of a hose.  By restricting flow (or gallons/KW) you are raising the pressure so the hose can spray further. Typically in-floor systems thrive on this kind of pressure.

The Blue Square Manufacturing Difference

Whether it’s Q360, R360, E360, Blue Square’s in-floor systems are the most hydraulically efficient products available in the category of gallons/KW.  In fact, Blue Square in-floor systems have been proven by a third party to deliver more gallons/KW than any other in-floor system in the world!

This means you can run your pump less, saving you energy and money.  Furthermore, BlueSquare manufacturing offers the ONLY in-floor cleaning system designed to work well with variable speed pumps -- another growing trend in pool energy efficiency.

If you're looking at where the trends are leading regarding pool efficiency, you would be wise to look at Blue Square. 

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