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Pool Lighting

Never Underestimate the Value of a Good Pool Light

With so many other features to appreciate, the pool light is often overlooked. But make no mistake, having a top-notch pool light like the Spectrum 360 makes a massive difference. The Spectrum 360 provides a wide range of colors to illuminate your entire pool! 

5 Reasons Top Pool Builders Choose Spectrum 360™ LED Swimming Pool Lights

What if there was a leading pool light designed to meet every important consumer need and was also designed to meet the needs of pool builders? This is now a reality thanks to Spectrum 360 LED Swimming Pool Lights.  Here are the top 5 reasons leading pool builders choose Spectrum 360.

How to Choose a Pool Light for Your New Swimming Pool

When building a new swimming pool there are many questions to consider. Among your many decisions is choosing the best pool lighting solution.  This article highlights the three most important factors in choosing a pool light for your new pool and how Spectrum 360™ LED Pool Lighting effectively addresses each of these factors.