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Energy Savings

Gallons/KW: A New Metric of Pool Industry Performance

The new metric for measuring a pool's efficiency is gallons/kw, or gallons of water circulated per kilowatt hour. Using this metric measuring, In-Floor Cleaning Systems from Blue Square stand above the rest! 


In-Floor Cleaners and Robotic Cleaners each have their own advantages and disadvantages. In-Floor Cleaners have a greater coverage of the pool, but both of them are great at picking up debris. The Q360-In Floor Cleaning System is arguably the best pool cleaner on the market. 

5 Top Reasons To Choose An In-floor Pool Cleaning System by Blue Square Manufacturing

The 5 top reasons pool owners choose an in-floor pool cleaning system by Blue Square Manufacturing are: 

  1. Blue Square Systems are custom designed for your swimming pool.
  2. Blue Square's Q360 system cleans steps, benches and even your spa.
  3. In-floor cleaning systems are virtually invisible.
  4. Blue Square In-Floor Systems save chemicals and energy.
  5. Blue Square is the World's Most Energy Efficient In-Floor System.