When building a new swimming pool there are many questions to consider. Among your many decisions is choosing the best pool lighting solution.  This article highlights the three most important factors in choosing a pool light for your new pool and how Spectrum 360™ LED Pool Lighting effectively addresses each of these factors. 

Make Sure You Get Proper Lighting Coverage

Not all pool lights are created equal.  The objective is to bring your water to life with vivid, resort-style lighting.  To do this, make sure your pool light disperses light evenly, spreading light throughout the pool to reduce hot spots and give you more uniform color.  Spectrum 360 LED Pool Light does this by maximizing panoramic light delivery with a small, but highly-efficient 6.5” light.

Make Sure Your Pool Lighting is Energy Efficient and Safe

In order to make sure your pool lighting is energy efficient, first insist on LED lighting.  For example, the Spectrum 360 LED pool light requires only 24 watts compared to the traditional 500 watt incandescent lights.  It lasts over 20 times longer and at only about 12 cents kw/hr it only costs you about four dollars per year to run it.  Also, LED lighting is low voltage – which means it’s much safer than traditional incandescent pool lights.

Make Sure Your Pool Lighting Gives You Options

These days, pool lighting can come in a wide spectrum of colors, so make sure you have a pool lighting solution that gives you that flexibility.  Spectrum 360 offers 9 unique colors and 5 different light shows.  The days of the single-colored pool light can be over if you just make sure you ask your pool builder for Spectrum 360.

If you’re ready to buy a swimming pool remember Spectrum 360.  Check it out at www.bluesquaremfg.com/spectrum-360-swimming-pool-lighting/