There are many types of automatic pool cleaners.  One of the more popular choices is a roaming or robotic pool cleaner.  These cleaners usually have a long hose and are attached to the pressure side or suction side of the swimming pool pump.  Sadly one of the many drawbacks of these cleaners is that they usually ignore cleaning much of the pool.  Specifically, they neglect the pool steps and benches. And if you have a spa attached to your pool, they will definitely ignore that, too.  Can you imagine a robotic pool cleaner crawling out of your pool and into your spa to clean it?  Impossible.  So don’t purchase an expensive roaming pool cleaner that can’t even roam your whole pool. 

That’s why we’ve created these two “must do” steps when choosing a pool cleaner.

First “Must Do” Step

Be sure your pool cleaner cleans steps and benches. Don’t accept stepping into a “clean” pool just to view clouds of dust emerge from under your feet.  Don’t accept constant manual sweeping of your steps and benches.  Find a better solution that offers more complete cleaning.  Insist “my pool cleaner must do steps.”

Second “Must Do” Step

Consider owning an in-floor cleaning and circulation system from Blue Square Manufacturing.  These systems are one of the only types of cleaners that effectively clean steps, benches and spas.  In fact, it’s what they do best.  In-floor cleaners by Blue Square are each custom designed to clean the entire pool – yes including the steps, benches and even the spa.  Other types of cleaners just can’t offer that type of low maintenance custom cleaning.