When building a new pool, deciding on a pool cleaner can be one of your most important decisions.  After all – you want to enjoy your pool, not constantly work on maintaining it.  For this reason we’ve assembled the 5 top reasons pool owners choose an in-floor pool cleaning system by Blue Square

1.  Blue Square in-floor systems are custom designed for your specific pool.

Since most every pool is unique in shape, depth, size and environment shouldn’t they be treated that way? With Blue Square every Q360 in-floor pool cleaning and circulation system is custom designed to sweep the entire pool - including steps, benches, and even spas. 

How do we customize each system? Once you and your pool builder decide which pool shape fits your style and your home Blue Square designers create a custom cleaning and circulation system to fit your pool perfectly.  The designers make sure every inch square of your pool has a powerful sweeping jet of freshly filtered water evenly sweeping your pool anytime the pump is on.  With Blue Square your in-floor cleaning system is designed just for you. 

2.  Blue Square cleans steps, benches and even your spa.

If you’ve owned a robotic pool cleaner before you know that most don’t clean the pool steps. Ask yourself why would you buy a pool cleaner that can’t clean the entire pool?  It seems pointless.  Blue Square’s in-floor swimming pool cleaners address all areas of the pool including steps, benches, and even your spa.  Forget constantly sweeping over and over just to do the work your pool cleaner is supposed to do.  

3.  In-floor cleaning systems are virtually invisible.

Can you imagine cleaning the floors of your home and then leaving the vacuum out on the floor? Well that is exactly what typical robotic pool cleaners do. With Blue Square in-floor cleaning systems there are no large hoses, whips, cords, large plastic casings or wheels that are constantly seen in the pool. Rather,  in powerful cleaning jets pop up out of the pool floor, sweep the entire pool and then retract back into the pool floor and disappear. When it’s done, all you see is a clean sparkling pool. 

4.  Blue Square In-floor Systems Save Chemicals and Energy.

Most robotic swimming pool cleaners are just pool cleaners. But Blue Square’s in-floor cleaning system is also a pool circulation system. This means it circulates clean, freshly filtered water to every square inch of the pool’s interior surface. In fact, it’s such an efficient circulation system it can help you save about 30% on both chemicals and energy (for a heated pool) every month for the life of the pool. 

5.  Blue Square is the World’s Most Energy Efficient In-floor System.

These days energy efficiency is more important than ever. Whether it’s Q360, V360, e360, Blue Square in-floor systems are the most hydraulically efficient in-floor systems available.  In fact they’ve been proven by a third party to deliver more filtered gallons of water per KW hour than any other in-floor system in the world! This means you can run your pump less saving you energy and money.  If you’re up for saving the environment as well as your budget, Blue Square in-floor systems are your best choice.