When building a new swimming pool you have the choice to create a design of any shape or size so it fits your individual needs. If you want a swim-up bar with a long sitting bench you can have it.  If you want a large submerged sunbathing deck you can have that too.  Unfortunately many of these options make it very difficult -- sometimes impossible -- for a typical robotic pool cleaner to effectively clean your pool.  You’ll have a great-looking pool design, but you’ll also have many dusty, unclean areas throughout the pool, leaving you to manually sweep up the rest.  Don’t expect a typical off-the-shelf automatic pool cleaner to clean your custom pool.  Count on a custom-designed in-floor cleaning system by Blue Square Manufacturing.

With Blue Square every in-floor pool cleaning and circulation system is custom designed to sweep the entire pool - including steps, benches, and even spas.  Once you and your pool builder decide on the pool that’s perfect for you and your family Blue Square gets to work.  Our designers will review your entire pool design and custom design a system that works best for your pool.  No more dusty spa. No more dirty steps.  All you see is a pure sparkling pool that cleans itself.  

Best of all, you won’t have all look at all of those hoses and large plastic wheels and casings sitting in your pool.  The powerful Blue Square cleaning jets simply pop up out of the pool floor, steps and benches, sweep away dust and debris and then retract back flush into the pool -- virtually disappearing.   So not only does your customized pool cleaner clean better, it looks better too.