Eclipse™ Main Drain by Blue Square Manufacturing is revolutionizing the swimming pool industry.  It’s sleek style and ability to remove large debris from the pool is redefining main drains for new swimming pool construction. 

Here are the top ten reasons pool builders now consider Eclipse the most advanced drain on the market:

  1. It’s sleek circular channel design makes Eclipse Main Drain virtually invisible, blending into any pool surface for a clean, beautiful look.
  2. Eclipse removes leaves and debris from the pool.  No more clumps of leaves stuck to the pool drain grate. 
  3. Eclipse is a safe, approved single source suction drain which means only one drain is required (not two drains).
  4. Eclipse is VGBA & ANSI 16 compliant, which means it’s approved and meets all industry anti-entrapment safety regulations.
  5. Eclipse flush design means no stubbing toes on the Eclipse drain.
  6. Its circular design is flexible enough to fit any pool shape and style. 
  7. Sleek flush design means robot cleaners don’t get stuck on the drain.
  8. Eclipse delivers maximum allowable pulling power (157 GPM @ 1/2 foot per sec ANSI 16) making it a highly-effective solution for debris removal.
  9. Eclipse is compatible with 2’ or 2 ½” plumbing.
  10. Eclipse is engineered and made in the USA.

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