Never Underestimate the Value of a Good Pool Light

With so many other features to appreciate, the pool light is often overlooked. But make no mistake, having a top-notch pool light like the Spectrum 360 makes a massive difference. The Spectrum 360 provides a wide range of colors to illuminate your entire pool! 

Gallons/KW: A New Metric of Pool Industry Performance

The new metric for measuring a pool's efficiency is gallons/kw, or gallons of water circulated per kilowatt hour. Using this metric measuring, In-Floor Cleaning Systems from Blue Square stand above the rest! 


In-Floor Cleaners and Robotic Cleaners each have their own advantages and disadvantages. In-Floor Cleaners have a greater coverage of the pool, but both of them are great at picking up debris. The Q360-In Floor Cleaning System is arguably the best pool cleaner on the market. 


The Eclipse™ Main Drain from Blue Sqaure is transforming how we look at pool drains. The Eclipse is both a beautiful aesthetic and highly functional. The Eclipse is a necesity for any new pool. 

How Eclipse™ Main Drain is Redefining The Way Swimming Pool Are Made

Eclipse™ Main Drain by Blue Square Manufacturing brings together sleek style and new functionality to redefine the swimming pool drain for the future. Unlike normal pool drains that look like small circular grates on the pool floor, the patented Eclipse™ Drain doesn’t feature a drain grate at all. Rather it looks more like a sleek circular channel and virtually disappears into the surface of your pool floor. Simply put, the Eclipse drain just looks better.  

5 Reasons Top Pool Builders Choose Spectrum 360™ LED Swimming Pool Lights

What if there was a leading pool light designed to meet every important consumer need and was also designed to meet the needs of pool builders? This is now a reality thanks to Spectrum 360 LED Swimming Pool Lights.  Here are the top 5 reasons leading pool builders choose Spectrum 360.

Pool Cleaners Custom Designed for Your Swimming Pool

When building a new swimming pool you have the choice to create a design of any shape or size so it fits your individual needs. If you want a swim-up bar with a long sitting bench you can have it.  If you want a large submerged sunbathing deck you can have that too.  Unfortunately many of these options make it very difficult -- sometimes impossible -- for a typical robotic pool cleaner to effectively clean your pool.  You’ll have a great-looking pool design, but you’ll also have many dusty, unclean areas throughout the pool, leaving you to manually sweep up the rest.  Don’t expect a typical off-the-shelf automatic pool cleaner to clean your custom pool.  Count on a custom-designed in-floor cleaning system by Blue Square Manufacturing.

How to Choose a Pool Light for Your New Swimming Pool

When building a new swimming pool there are many questions to consider. Among your many decisions is choosing the best pool lighting solution.  This article highlights the three most important factors in choosing a pool light for your new pool and how Spectrum 360™ LED Pool Lighting effectively addresses each of these factors. 

"Must Do" Steps When Choosing a Pool Cleaner

Be sure your pool cleaner cleans steps and benches. Don’t accept stepping into a “clean” pool just to view clouds of dust emerge from under your feet.  Don’t accept constant manual sweeping of your steps and benches.  Find a better solution that offers more complete cleaning.  Insist “my pool cleaner must do steps.”

5 Top Reasons To Choose An In-floor Pool Cleaning System by Blue Square Manufacturing

The 5 top reasons pool owners choose an in-floor pool cleaning system by Blue Square Manufacturing are: 

  1. Blue Square Systems are custom designed for your swimming pool.
  2. Blue Square's Q360 system cleans steps, benches and even your spa.
  3. In-floor cleaning systems are virtually invisible.
  4. Blue Square In-Floor Systems save chemicals and energy.
  5. Blue Square is the World's Most Energy Efficient In-Floor System.