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Spectrum 360 LED Pool Lighting

Bring Color To Your Pool.

Spectrum LED pool light colors

Fixed colors are white or blue. The multi-color options provide an almost limitless variety of color possibilities and a vast array of preprogrammed scroll and flash modes.


Light Up The Night.

Spectrum 360 LED lights are available in either fixed color or multi-color options. 

  • Stylish, compact and modern design

  • Innovative Plug Kit

  • Fully adjustable Plaster Ring

  • Detachable cable for easy installation

  • Super bright, energy efficient, next generation LED technology



Make The Bright Choice.

At 12 cents kw/hr, operating a Spectrum 360 light costs less than $4 per year for 3 hours of daily usage. 

Energy efficient LED light requires only 24 watts, compared to a traditional 500-watt incandescent light. 

Over 20X longer life expectancy compared to traditional incandescent lights. 

The innovative lens design disperses light evenly, spreading the light to reduce hot spots and provide more uniform color. 

Five Reasons Top Pool Builders Choose Spectrum 360 LED Pool Lights

1. Reduces Installation Costs

The low voltage cable can be run in the conduit by the plumber, eliminating a trip charge from the electrician. 

2. Solves Construction Issues

The Adjustable Plaster Ring allows for easy correction of the angle for a sagging or tilted niche. A niche set too deep or too shallow is easily corrected in moments without the need of a jackhammer, extra material or ending up with a protruding or sunken light fitting. 

3. Does Not Require Bonding

The lamp and niche materials allow for no bonding wire from the niche to the equipment. This saves a builder time and the customer money. 

4. Patented Easy Disconnecting Fitting

The plaster crew or the startup personnel can easily install the lamp in moments.  

5. Quick Lamp Replacement

Replacing or upgrading the lamp to the multicolor option only takes a few minutes with no need to change the cord. 

Technical Specs

Nominal Supply Voltage: 12 AC 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

  • Multicolor: 23 VA max

  • White LED: 16 VA

  • Blue LED: 16 VA

Fault Protection: Power-cycle "Run Dry" thermal cutout. Voltage transient clamping.