Why Should You Get An In-Floor System?

Q360 In-Floor Cleaning System

Advanced Circulation Means Your Family Can Swim In Clean, Healthy Water.

Custom-Designed Cleaning

Still water causes dirt and debris to settle. Your in-floor cleaning system keeps water in constant circulation, pushing dirt and debris into the drain in the process. 

Efficiently Heated

Like unstirred soup, stagnant water means things are overdone on top and underdone on the bottom. Your in-floor cleaning system keeps water in constant circulation, evening water temperature in the process. 

Enhanced Safe

There are scary stories about robot vacuum cleaners and over-powered drains. Your in-floor cleaning system never obstructs water for a swimmer, and has one almost-invisible drain. 


Save Energy & Money.

You're more likely to use your pool during the day, but that's also when energy rates are highest. Working with your variable speed pump, the Q360 in-floor cleaning system runs as needed during the day to keep you in clean water, but does the bulk of its business in off-peak hours to save energy and money. This is known as Advanced Circulation.

Spend Less Time on Maintenance. 

The Q360 in-floor cleaning system regulates itself. There is no vacuum to turn on. There are no corners to sweep out. 

Small jets are strategically placed throughout your pool surface, and regularly pop up to push water and debris. The jets revolve 360 degrees, reaching every corner and cove, and dragging all the debris to the Eclipse drain