In 2010, a team of pool professionals and a hydraulic engineer joined together to form a manufacturing company that produces best-in-class pool hardware.  

Blue Square Manufacturing's products enhance and maintain the beauty of your swimming pool or spa, while also ensuring that you swim in safe, healthy water. Each product's design was informed by decades of building and maintaining pools, and has been rigorously tested to exceed all expectations. Building a pool with Blue Square pool hardware means lower maintenance, increased efficiency, and an overall healthier pool for you and your family.

Our Products

Q360 In-Floor Cleaning system

Eclipse Pool Drain

Abyss Canister

Spectrum Pool Lighting

Pebble Radiance Pool Surface

About the Founders

Tim murphy

Tim Murphy has been working in the pool industry since he started a pool maintenance business as a teenager. In 1991, he founded Presidential Pools, Spas & Patio in Phoenix, Arizona, which is now the largest pool builder in the country by volume, building over 1,000 pools each year. Throughout his career, he has always worked to provide customers with the best materials and products to build pools that families can enjoy for decades. Never being satisfied with the performance of other in-floor cleaning systems available in the marketplace, he set out to build the best. Blue Square Manufacturing was founded as a result. 

Mark Scatterday

Mark Scatterday is a lifelong entrepreneur and inventor with expertise in product development, engineering, manufacturing, and consumer marketing. He currently holds 17 U.S. patents, and his uniquely engineered products have sold tens of millions of units worldwide. With intimate knowledge of quality materials, Mark partnered with Tim to apply his engineering and design talents to the pool industry's biggest area in need of improvement: pool hardware. 

About the Company

Blue Square Manufacturing is based in Gilbert, Arizona. Its products are distributed through accredited pool construction companies throughout the United States and abroad. 

Sales Distribution Team

If you are a pool construction company interested in carrying our pool hardware or a consumer in need of assistance, please feel free to contact: 

Dave Johnson, National Sales Manager
djohnson [at]

Derek Alves, Sales Manager
dalves [at]