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Cleaning, Circulation and Debris Removal at its BEST! Blue Square is changing the way the industry looks at drains, debris removal and in-floor systems. Efficiency and effectiveness is the NEW Standard!

Q360 Valve

Q360 Valve
  • Direct, Gear-Driven Power
  • Aerospace Engineered
  • Maximized Flow Rate
  • Open Gear Design

Eclipse Drain

Eclipse Drain
  • Single Source Suction
  • Blends Into All Surfaces
  • Meets All Industry Regulations
  • Unlimited Positioning

Abyss Canister

Abyss Containment Canister
  • High Capacity Basket
  • No Unsightly Deck Lids
  • Clear Pressure Safe Lid
  • Perfect For EVERY Pool

Q360 Jets

Q360 Jets
  • 360° 14 Point Rotation
  • Dual Port Option
  • 5 Colors For Every Pool Surface
  • Cleans and Circulates Water